Fronfit K1 Waterproof Fitness Tracker for Kids

Fronfit K1 Waterproof Fitness Tracker for Kids

This is a waterproof fitness tracker for kids that’s durable, waterproof, and comes in fun colors. The wristband comes with two different sized-bands and a clasp, adjusts to your kid’s growing wrist and overall feels more comfortable. The tracker is easy to use and setup, one button makes it simple to navigate between screens. It is a great option if you want a fitness tracker for kids.

24 Hours Activity Tracking and Daily Goal Buil

Activity tracker designed for kids can help them stay active while having fun. It accurately records exercise minutes, steps taken, calories burned and the distance travelled all day. When kids hit their daily goal, tracker will vibrate to remind and celebrate, keeps kids motivated to stay active.

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Easy Charging Way & Long Battery Life

Built-in USB plug makes it easy to charge with any USB block or computer. No charging cable and dock needed. Your kids will love in an easy and safe charging way. Waterproof fitness tracker takes only 2 hours to charge and can provide you up to 5-7 days working time.

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Full Compatibility & Supported App

Compatible with most iOS 8.0 or Android 4.4 above smart phones. Syncs with free mobile app, the app helps parents keep track of kids daily fitness levels and monitor their sleep patterns.

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Keep in mind that waterproof fitness trackers also offer varying degrees of water resistance. While some may work well in the shower or rain, not all are suitable for water sports like swimming or diving.

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