Fronfit K1 Best Kids Activity Watch for 2021

Fronfit K1 Best Kids Activity Watch for 2021

The adjustable design of the Fronfit K1 kids activity watch wristband makes it suitable for boys and girls age 5 to 16. The activity watch with a replacement band. So you don't worry about damage or losing, The design is built to fit safely and comfortably.


0.96-inch IPS Color Screen: No bulky but slim one and wear it kind of loosely. With IP67 waterproof capacity, free to wear it for washing hands, take a shower and some water sports.

Cordless USB charging mode, easy and convenient to charge. Long battery life lasting for 5-7days with full charging. This watch is built in USB charger, no cable needed,do not worry about losing charge cabel.

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With so many function, choosing one of the best kids activity trackers or activity watches for your needs can be tricky. We put dozens of Fronfit K1 product tests. Find the highlights that are most helpful to you. You might as well continue reading...

20+ Alarm

Fronfit K1 kids activity watch can set 20+ alarm. Such as drinking reminders, sedentary reminders, wake-up reminders,study reminder and so on. Help kids for good health habits.

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Heart Rate Monitoring

Turn on the automatic detection of heart rate in the app, can automatically track 24 real-time heart rate. Check heart rate at any time, and keep heart health.


Support functions of stopwatch, when kids do running, swimming and other sports, for more accurate measurement of exercise time.

Sleep Monitor

Scientific track kids sleeping circle and show whole sleep period with deep/light sleep,Wake-up and REM etc. Sleep quality help them grow up healthily.

Message Alert

The Fronfit K1 kids activity watch supports phone calls reminding, SMS and SNS notifications (Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter etc). It can be set in the APP.

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